Harry Neufeld has been married to his wife, Tiala, since 1974, after having met in India. Tiala, an Ao Naga of Northeast India, whose father was chief and the most respected elder of the Ao tribe, was sent to college in Darjeeling for a Western education, and had traveled to Europe for some months before returning to India. From 1980, Tiala and Harry have been collecting fine quality authentic Nagaland primitive art and ethnographic materials, including but not limited to: statuary (wooden figures and small carved pieces), costume wear, jewelry (beads, brass, shell, ivory, crystal), basketry, decorative items (brass, animal parts, wood) for both home and personal wear, textiles, headhunter status pieces, and weaponry. The collection includes materials from many of the eighteen or so Naga tribes, with the greatest volume coming from the Mon area, home to the Konyak tribe.
In addition, Harry's business of antique ivory jewelry, made almost exclusively from recycled parts of old dowry ivory worn by women for generations in Gujarat and Rajasthan, India, has yielded a large collection of beautiful, wearable pieces, some original and unbroken, some worked with sterling silver, and others with set semi-precious stones.

With the "Ang" (chief) of the Konyaks

Smoking Opium with the Ang

Chuchuyimlang Village Women (1975)