Jewelry (5)

Knobbed Bronze Cuffs


Bronze Cuff


Spiral Bronze Cuff


Brass Bracelets


Brass Coil Bracelets


Bronze Etched Bracelets


Bronze Cuffs


Flared Bronze Bracelets


Heavy Bronze Bracelets


Bronze Snake Bracelets


Bronze Spiral Bracelets


Stack of Bronze Bracelets on Bamboo


Stack of Bronze Bracelets on Bamboo


Bronze Star Bracelets


Shell Cuffs


Ao Woman's Brass Hairpieces


Brass Engraved Cuffs


Brass Engraved Cuffs


Bronze Knobbed Cuffs


Blue Padre Bead Nklc. w/Special Center


Glass Tile Bead & Disc Necklace


Orange Tile Bead Nklcs.


Mustard Tile Bead Nklcs..


Glass Tile Bead & Disc Nklc.


Tile & Padre Bead Nklc.

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